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Texas Hill Country Real Estate Services

Are you looking to build on your new property in Serenity Oaks but you are not sure where to start? Do you need to sell your current home? As certified professional realtors, we can help buy or sell your land or home, no matter the location. Even if you bought acreage in Serenity Oaks but changed your mind about building on your lot, we can help you sell that, too! After all, we ARE the experts when it comes to selling land at Serenity Oaks...


Our full service real estate office can list your home at a discount, saving you money by offering you a variable rate commission. If you’re ready to discuss buying or selling with us, simply fill out the form below, and we will contact you shortly after you click send!


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Our Full Service Real Estate Office:

  • Offers free consultations and pricing input, along with expert advice

  • Takes pictures of your home

  • Lists your home on the MLS

  • Markets your home

  • Negotiates the sale of your home

Free consultation and pricing advice


Our professional realtors will meet with you at your home so we can take a look at it; talk to you about it; give you an idea of what your home could sell for; and advise you on what it’s worth in the marketplace. We base our expert opinions on market research of other homes sold in the area, the condition of your home and how it presents, in addition to our decades of experience in buying and selling land and homes in the Texas real estate market.  



Our consultation and advice will let you know what you might need to do to prepare your home for sale.


Will updating your kitchen fetch a larger sum when selling your house? Perhaps power washing your concrete and roof will provide more curb appeal to attract the right buyer, but is it worth the cost of doing so when trying to sell your house? Advice from a professional realtor who has decades of land development and custom home buying, selling, and even building knowledge is invaluable! You can lean on our real estate expertise to help you identify issues before they arise; give you ideas that could help improve the presentation of your home; prepare your home for market to achieve a sale you’re happy with; provide you with answers and recommendations about fulfilling a potential buyer’s requests; and negotiate contracts on your behalf. These are the benefits of utilizing a full service realtor, and we’d love to help you make that sale!



In addition to giving you some ideas on how to improve your home’s selling potential, we’ll do some research to help determine the best asking price.


It seems like it would be easy enough to set a price, put a sign in your yard, and put your home on the internet, but a lot more goes into listing a home for sale than that... The behind-the-scenes work involves researching the surrounding areas, seeing what other homes have sold for in your area, and what you can expect to get for yours; this is a Comparative Market Analysis, and a professional realtor will do this before helping you set a price for your home. We will help you with appraising the value of your home and the property; suggest any improvements you could make to increase the value of your home; and give you ideas of what can be done to create a more appealing look and feel to potential home buyers.  


After getting your home in order:


We will take pictures of your home for marketing purposes and promotions, as we know exactly the kind of photos that will get potential buyers interested and in the door. We know how to stage your home to feature its best qualities and generate interest, nay – make people swoon over it! We will help showcase the details you love while making them appeal to others as well. Excellent descriptors when writing your marketing pieces can turn a typical listing into a spectacular one! This is another reason a full service real estate firm should be on your radar when selling your home.



After we've gotten your home in order, pictures of your home, and the asking price set, we will market your home for sale.


This includes putting a for sale sign in your yard – STEP ONE! We will include informational flyers with the sign, so people can access the pertinent information immediately. We will list your home in local publications and market it online as well, listing it on the MLS - the Multiple Listing Service that helps get your property seen. Your home will also be listed on other popular real estate sites like Zillow and But wait, there’s more!


We don’t just put the house online and wait for a buyer; we do the foot work necessary to promote, promote, and further promote your listing to drive traffic straight to your front door! As professional realtors, we know how and where to market, how to find qualified buyers, and how to get your home seen - and sold! We will also advise you when to hold firm, when to negotiate, or when to move on. As YOUR realtor, we represent YOU and your interests. It is our job to make sure you get the best possible price for your sale, as well as make sure any real estate transaction you take part in results in the best outcome for you and your family.


If your agent is not actively working for you, CALL US  or simply fill out and submit the form below for a response from one of our real estate professionals.

Thank you for your interest.
We will be contacting 
you shortly.

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